• The document’s first page (the obverse) shows the CAN number. It is also written in the barcode on the other side. You need this number if you want to use the electronic e-ID functions. It also protects the e-ID against unauthorised persons' Reading of the data stored in the electronic layer.
  • It contains the owner's fingerprints, and the signature is in the graphic layer of the proof.
  • The "e-proof" has an electronic layer, i.e. a built-in chip, invisible outside. E-proof works contactless, which means enough to put it on the reader.
  • The exchange of the proof for e-proof is free of charge. An application for electronic evidence can be submitted: at any commune office, regardless of the registered address.
  • The confirmation will be ready within 30 days of applying. This deadline may be extended in exceptional cases - the official will inform you about it.

Using e-ID

 To use the e-ID, you need: The identification and authentication certificate and the personal signature certificate is possible after prior determination of the PIN codes by the ID cardholder.

To use the electronic e-proof functions (e.g. logging in to the Gov. pl website), you must have:

1. a smartphone with an NFC antenna and install the eDO App


2. e-proof reader and e-proof software installation E-proof manager and E-proof electronic signature.

This is how you can use the e-ID with the eDO App to sign documents:

Step 1: On your phone, open the eDO App

Step 2: Scan the QR code or rewrite the number under the code

Step 3: click CONFIRM if everything is correct

Step 4: Enter the CAN number

Step 5: put the e-ID on the phone

Step 6: Enter 4-digit PIN code 1

You can also use the eDO App when you want to log in to the electronic service on your phone.