Patient online account

You will find information on:

  • your and your loved ones' medical data and places where you can be treated
  • benefits (along with amounts) that were provided to you under the National Health Fund
  • your rights to healthcare services - whether you have them and on what basis
  • medical devices and drugs (including the amount of reimbursement) commissioned to you
  • medical records that you give to your loved ones
  • consents to health services that you express
  • medical certificates issued to you by your doctors during your illness and maternity
  • the amount of health insurance premium you pay
  • e-prescriptions, e-referrals, e-leaves issued to you by doctors.

Apart from the information offered, IKP also allows you to settle various matters, for example:

  • you will receive prescriptions for medications without going to a doctor if you continue your treatment
  • you will receive prescriptions from a nurse or midwife - both after a traditional visit and after a telemedicine consultation (at a distance)
  • you apply for an EHIC
  • you authorise another person to access your medical data or information about your health.

To use your account login using:

1. a trusted profile

2. via e-ID

3. via your internet bank account.