In Poland, the rental cost can vary depending on the location.

The rental conditions are sometimes not highlighted enough in the adverts.

So, make sure to ask if the price includes costs related to the use of the apartment (administration costs, etc.) or the amount of deposit (usually one- or two months rent). The deposit will be returned upon termination of the lease agreement. On the condition that you don’t break the contract or any of its regulations.  Sometimes, especially when the standard of your apartment is higher, the amount of your deposit goes up.

Additionally, You can be obliged to pay for utilities (electricity, water and gas) according to the meters.

Tenants usually pay any additional charges such as the Internet, cable TV, etc., based on an agreement between a tenant and the provider of such services.

According to Polish law, be prepared for the lease agreement to be in Polish. You can ask the landlord/agency to draw it also in English.

The broker/agency service fee may vary between 50% and 100 % of the 1-month rent (depends on the agency). There are also adverts of private persons on rental adverts websites, free of brokers fees. 

An apartment is crucial in relocation to a new place of residence. The Hospitality Manager will support you in finding a flat and signing a lease contract.

According to Polish law, the landlord is responsible for all the mechanicals and appliances in the building and in the apartment that allows you to use things like water, heating, electricity, elevator and gas.  Remember to sign an annexe to the agreement in case of any changes. It must be done on paper, with a handwritten signature.

When selecting the location for your apartment, a map with NCBJ bus stops can be helpful: