Certified Profile

Certified Profile  (Profil Zaufany "PZ")

  • These are your PESEL number, name, and surname confirmed personal data. A trusted profile is secured so that no one - except its owner - can use it.
  • It enables you to handle official and medical matters online.
  • It is a free authentication (signing) method in e-administration systems; it works like a handwritten signature.
  • Thanks to it, applications filled in on the ePuap platform do not have to be signed by hand - you will sign the documents electronically.

How to set up the Certified Profile?

1. You need to confirm your details through your bank (online)  in one of the banks:

PKO Bank, Inteligo, Santander, Bank Pekao, mBank, ING, Millennium Bank, Alior Bank, a cooperative bank (you can check if your bank confirms PZ), BNP Paribas, BOŚ Bank, Bank Credit Agricole, Getin Bank or Envelo trusted account.


2. You need to verify your data with the office; in the application, you must indicate the address of the office of your choice, where the confirmation will be made.

There are only two obstacles: first, the system is all in Polish. Second, you must have a PESEL number to use it.