Employee Remuneration/ Salary

Relevant provisions in this regard may be included in collective agreements, remuneration regulations or individual employment contracts.

Gross earnings are the entire salary; the salary that you receive to your account is the net salary.

Employer transfers your monthly contributions for you, which are:

your health insurance contributions


personal advance income tax payments.

The overall period of continuous employment under one or more fixed-term employment contracts between the same employer and employee cannot exceed 33 months. If the two parties exceed the number of 33 months or sign the fourth fixed-term employment contract, their contract will automatically become a contract of indefinite duration.

Apart from basic remuneration, remuneration may include other additional components such as bonuses and allowances (for example, a length-of-service allowance, a duty allowance)

The labour law guarantees that employees are paid remuneration in certain cases of incapacity for work.

The remuneration is paid out to the employee bank account.

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At the request of the employee, the employer is obliged to provide documents on the basis of which the remuneration was calculated.