EHIC. European Health Insurance Card

  • It is needed when you go abroad on vacation, to school or on a business trip for less than 12 months.
  • The EHIC card confirms that you are entitled to medical treatment during a tourist or professional trip to the visa, allows you to access all medical services abroad that will be necessary for your health condition until the end of your stay in a given country.
  • However, it does not reimburse planned treatment for most European countries. European Union countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, and Great Britain.
  • The scope of treatment with EHIC is limited. You are only entitled to treatment: necessary and unplanned,  as part of the state's public health care system, on the same terms as the citizens of a given country (if in a given country there is, for example, an obligation to pay part of the costs for a doctor's visit, then you will also pay for it).

Benefits available on the EHIC card usually do not include the costs of rescue operations in the EU / EFTA countries. Therefore, if, for example, you practice sports involving such a risk - be sure to check the rules of assisting with the EHIC card before travelling to a given country and consider additional commercial insurance, costs of returning to the country due to a sudden illness (the only exception may be the economic factor when the further prices of treatment with the EHIC in the land of stay are higher than the costs of transport).


Card application


Application form:

If you want to apply electronically, log in or create an account with IKP or ePUAP.

Go to: and log into your account.


-- >  Benefits of applying through IKP:

On your IKP profile, you will find information about:

- an already issued EHIC with its validity period

- New EHIC application submitted

- EHIC issued.


You can apply for an EHIC in person and you can pick up a ready-made card in person at a branch:

Mazowiecki Oddział Wojewódzki NFZ Warszawa

Adres EKUZ w Warszawie

ul. Tytusa Chałubińskiego 8, 00-613 Warszawa


Card pickup

1. You pick it up: in person or through an authorised representative,


2. You will get the EHIC by post - if you select this option in the card application or send the application using ePUAP.