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Mechanical and electrical properties of polymer materials exposed to ionizing radiation

Galaxy Mergers: Identification and Classification

Radiological and structural characterisation of RBMK-1500 reactor graphite and application of the ion implantation method to investigate irradiation damage in graphite matrix

The physics case for the CP-violation tests in hyperon decays at SCTF

Elucidating Three-Dimensional Microstructural Evolution in Neutron Irradiated HT-UPS Steel

Tensions in cosmology and prospects for cosmological constraints from reverberation mapping of active galactic nuclei

Ograniczenia bezpieczeństwa reaktorów z moderatorem grafitowym

Development of a multiring electron neutrino sample at the T2K far detector

"Exact solutions of Einstein's equations and Relativistic Zel'dovich Approximation"

Corrosion resistance of modern Ti-based materials for long-lasting biomedical applications