The EMRP/EMPIR European Programmes in brief

Speaker and affiliation: 
Z.Ramotowski and Ł.Litwiniuk, Central Office of Measures (GUM)
Tue, 2015-03-10 10:30 to 11:30
Conference room in building 7 ("Physics") in Świerk

Part I

Z. Ramotowski, Head, GUM Length and Angle Department, GUM representative in the EMRP/EMPIR Committee

Genesis, assumtions, outcomes of the European Metrology Research Programme and European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research Programme (EMRP/EMPIR European Programmes)

Part II

Ł. Litwiniuk, Head, GUM Radiation and Vibration Department, GUM President Proxy for EMRP

Participation principles, incentives and guidelines for Polish participants in the EMRP/EMPIR European Programmes


Dr. Stanisław Pszona (TJ2)