Training courses

Courses for the personnel exposed to the ionizing radiation

Staff exposed to ionizing radiation and occupying positions that are important for nuclear and radiation safety requires specialized training as described by the law. Education and Training Division offers courses for the following positions:

  • Personnel exposed to ionizing radiation – general radiation protection course (so-called A and B-category courses);
  • Operators, dosimetrists and management of the research reactor (R-O, R-D and R-OK courses) *;
  • Operators of accelerators used for medical purposes and teleradiotherapy (S-A courses) *;
  • Operators of accelerators used for non-medical purposes (A-A courses) *;
  • Operators for brachytherapy equipment (S-Z courses) *;
  • Radiological Protection Inspectors of IOR-1Z, IOR-1R and IOR-1 types*.

* Denotes course types that prepare for the state examination (examiners appointed by the President of PAA). It should be noted, that those exams are conducted in Polish, therefore the courses so far have been conducted in Polish as well.

Teacher training courses

We offer one-day and weekend courses and workshops for the teachers of physics and/or related subjects. During the course, the participants may have a chance to:

  • Widen their knowledge on nuclear physics, radioactivity and nuclear power;
  • Improve the methodological skills necessary for classes. Methods and forms of work inspiring students to increase interest in physics receive particular,
  • Take part in the workshops devoted to applying detectors available within the framework of Detectors for Schools programme.

For details and/or for the course contact the DEiS Secretariat (consult the „Contact” frame on the right-hand side of the page).