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Achievements and awards

The Main Science Popularizer Award goes to the Education and Training Division

Zespół Działu Edukacji i Szkoleń NCBJ
The Grand Prize in the 19th edition of the Science Popularizer competition was awarded to the Education and Training Division team at NCBJ. The award was given for their long-standing contributions in popularizing knowledge about ionizing radiation, radioactivity, nuclear energy, and natural radioactivity. These activities are of particular significance in the context of implementing Poland's energy transformation program. ----

Professor Gudowski received the Eagle award of the weekly "Wprost"

Profesor Wacław Gudowski
On September 23, during a conference in Warsaw, prof. Wacław Gudowski from the Department of Nuclear Energy and Environmental Analysis of NCBJ received the Eagle "Wprost" award in the "Business and science" category. The award was granted for outstanding scientific achievements and teaching activities in the field of nuclear energy, as well as for involvement in the development of scientific cooperation between Poland and Sweden. ----

Annual Awards Presented by the Fundamental Research Department of NCBJ

Stanisław Mrówczyński podczas Specjalnego Colloquium DBP
On June 26, 2023, a Special Colloquium was held, during which awards were presented for the best research and popularization activities in 2022 at the Fundamental Research Department. The winners were Prof. Michał Bluj, a team consisting of Prof. Paweł Ziń and Dr. Maciej Pylak, Dr. Michael Romano, and Prof. Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman and Dr. Miguel Figueira ----

2023 Paul Phelps Continuing Education Grant Award to an NCBJ employee

dr inż. Tomasz Rajkowski
Dr. Eng. Tomasz Rajkowski from the Department of Electronics and Detection Systems of NCBJ was the winner of the Paul Phelps Continuing Education Grant, awarded annually by the Radiation Effects Committee of the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society. The award will allow the scientist to take part in training during the NSREC 2023 international conference. ----

Article about FLASH appreciated by SEP

Mgr Aleksandra Lenartowicz podczas odbierania nagrody w Konkursie im. prof. Mieczysława Pożaryskiego „Na najlepsze artykuły opublikowane w czasopismach – organach SEP” w roku 2022 (Źródło: NCBJ)
Promising results of the first studies and tests of radiotherapy using ultra-high dose rates, FLASH, mean that interest in this technique is constantly growing. Research in this field is appreciated, as confirmed by the award received recently for an article on FLASH therapy by scientists from the NCBJ Nuclear Equipment Division. ----