Archaeometry at witch grave located at the Bodzia archaeological site

Material Physics Department seminar
Speaker and affiliation: 
Renata Czech-Błońska (Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology), Ewelina Miśta (NCBJ)
Wed, 2016-12-14 11:30
Room 251 in the Świerk Science & Technology Park building
The Bodzia archaeological site located near Włocławek in Poland is unique on the global scale. Outstanding archaeological objects found at that site include grave of a woman who belonged to social and cultural elite of the early Piast era. Items found in the grave, including some atypical beads, indicate that the woman must dealt in her life with magic. In cooperation with Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology the beads were analysed by SEM-EDX, XRD, and Raman Spectroscopy techniques, particularly in the bead production technology aspect. Some similar items were also found at another archaeological site located now in Slovakia; results of those analyses have not yet been published. Both finds together may suggest one of the paths along which technological thinking propagated through societies functioning those days.

All interested persons are invited
Cezary Pochrybniak