„VARying constants and FUNdamental COSMOlogy” – VARCOSMOFUN'16

Maritime University Campus at 4 Szczerbcowa str., 70-503 Szczecin
Mon, 2016-09-12 08:00 to Sat, 2016-09-17 14:00

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Konferencja kosmologiczna w Szczecinie: „VARying constants and FUNdamental COSMOlogy” – VARCOSMOFUN'16

The VARCOSMOFUN’16 („VARy­ing con­stants and FUNda­men­tal COSMOlo­gy”) conference, September 12–17, 2016, Szcze­ci­n, Poland is a forum for scientists interested in alternative theories of the Universe evolution, in which posibility that the so-called physical constants are also evolving is taken into account. This year conference is co-organized by NCBJ.

Prof. Pau­l C. W. Da­vie­s, Tem­ple­to­n prize winner, member of the SETI project Steering Committee, au­tho­r of more than 20 popular books on cosmology (The Mind of God, Other Worlds, God and the New Physics, The Edge of Infinity, The Runaway Universe, The Cosmic Blueprint, Are We Alone? The Fifth Miracle, The Last Three Minutes, Superforce, The Accidental Universe, About Time, How to Build a Time Machine) is going to give an open lecture entitled „Are We Alone in the Universe?”.

The conference will be finished with the Philosophy and cutting edge of physics and cosmology session organized for representatives of sciences, hu­ma­ni­ties, philosophy, and theology. Please pre-register to participate.

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