IT Technologies for Astrophysics Observations in Wide Energy Range

The project is co-financed within framework of the Polish-Swiss Research Programme 2009-2017. The project agreement was reached between NCBJ and National Information Processing Institute (operator of the Programme in Poland) on August 31, 2011.

Project duration 2011-2014
Project budget 1,370,444.34 CHF (3,676,354 PLN)
      85% financed by Swiss Government
      15% financed by Polish Government


  • Data Centre for Astrophysics, University of Geneva, SWITZERLAND
  • Department of Particle Physics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Geneva, SWITZERLAND

Project Deputy Head

Dr Tadeusz Batsch
NCBJ Nuclear Detectors and Electronics Division
phone +48 22 273 15 47

Main objectives

Development of a computer centre providing software and technical support dedicated to gather/distribute/analyse astrophysics experimental data. The centre will be based on several astronomy-related projects run in NCBJ (POLAR, INTEGRAL, Pi of the Sky, JEM-EUSO).


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