Science and Technology Park Labs

Science and Tech­no­logy Park „Świerk” is a uni­que pro­ject. We help inno­va­tive star­tups and com­pa­nies to deve­lop their acti­vi­ties, ideas and tech­no­lo­gies by using the Par­k’s labo­ra­tory faci­li­ties for their rese­arch.

During the tour, one can learn how to use an opti­cal scan­ner to make a quic­kly pre­cise 3D model of almost any object and then cre­ate its pro­to­type with the aid of 3D prin­ting tech­no­logy (SLM). During class on indu­strial tomo­gra­phy, one can look inside the com­plex device without disas­sem­bling it. Also one can see that in order to cre­ate a com­plex metal ele­ment it is eno­ugh to have its 3D model.

We also have at our dispo­sal other spe­cia­li­zed labo­ra­to­ries. One is used for testing e.g. elec­tro­nic com­po­nents in a spe­ci­fic cli­mate and vibra­tion-rich envi­ron­ment. The other is a well-equ­ip­ped elec­tro­nics lab. And ano­ther one is devo­ted to stu­dy­ing mecha­ni­cal pro­per­ties in nano-scale of possi­ble future nuc­lear mate­rials.

In Science and Tech­no­logy Park „Świerk” we will show how to uti­lize science and scien­ti­fic know­ledge in prac­tice.

PNT sight­se­eing tour lasts about 90 minu­tes.