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The most accurate picture of the turbulent flows in the heart of a nuclear reactor

Nuclear reactions heat the fuel rods in reactor cores. Reception of the heat generated in this way is critical for the safety of the reactors themselves and the efficiency of the steam turbines that generate electricity. Complex physical phenomena occurring during coolant flows between fuel rods can now be predicted faster and more accurately thanks to unique computer simulations carried out at NCBJ. ----

NCBJ seventh among Polish... universities

NCBJ. Na horyzoncie panorama Warszawy.
It's not a mistake! NCBJ ranks in the top 4% out of 20,531 universities worldwide according to the 2023 edition of the outcome-based Global 2000 list by the Center for World University Rankings, which was published on Monday May 15, 2023 on In Poland, we are in seventh place. Although we do not educate undergraduate and graduate students, we owe our position to the quality of our research. ----