Radio emission from pulsar-planet magnetospheric interaction

Speaker and affiliation: 
Miljenko Čemeljić (Institute of Physics, Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic)
Tue, 2023-10-31 12:30 to 13:30
ul. Pasteura 7, sala 404 /

The first extrasolar planets were found around a millisecond pulsar 30 years ago, by using a timing method. Using our simulations setup for magnetospheric star-planet interaction, trained on auroras in planets of our Solar system, we estimate the radio emission from aurora on planet orbiting a pulsar. We find that, thanks to the large pulsar magnetic field, radio emission from pulsar planets should be observable with the current instruments. Such an observation would be among the first radio detections of an extrasolar planet. It would provide a powerful direct probe of the pulsar environment.

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