How the MARIA reactor technology was selected

Seminarium Departamentu Eksploatacji Obiektów Jądrowych
Speaker and affiliation: 
Professor Andrzej Strupczewski, NCBJ
Tue, 2016-01-26 10:30
Conference room in the MARIA reactor building in Świerk

Professor Andrzej Strupczewski participated in design works on the MARIA research reactor from the very beginning. History of those works will be briefly outlined. The designers took into consideration experience with several reactors already operated in France (Melusine, Triton, Siloe, Osiris) and former Soviet Union (RFT, MR). An unique solution with heavy-water neutron reflector that would cover ¾ of the reactor core perimeter was also considered. Finally a safe solution with fuel in pressurized channels, a beryllium moderator, and a graphite reflector was selected after careful analysis of advantages and limitations of each of the considered solutions and having also considered a chance of releasing fission products outside fuel element into the cooling loop. MARIA is currently one of the best research reactors in the world. It is an original construction of Polish engineers and physicists, built by Polish industry under supervision of Polish managers,  started up and commissioned in Institute for Nuclear Research in Świerk than many years operated in Institute of Atomic Energy in Świerk (both merged in 2011 into NCBJ).

EWA, MARIA and 5 other small power reactors/zero power  critical sets  (Anna, MARYLA, PANNA, UR-100, AGATA) constructed/operated in Świerk prove that „A Pole can do it!”

The seminar will be held in conference room in the MARIA reactor building in Świerk.
All interested are invited
Management of the Reactor Analyses & Measurements Team 
in NCBJ Research Reactor Technology Division (EJ3)

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