Gravitational waves: the largest discovery of 21st century?

Conversatory class
Speaker and affiliation: 
Dr. Stanisław Bajtlik, PAS Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomy Centre in Warsaw
Thu, 2016-06-02 11:30
Room 208 in the Science & Technology Park building in Świerk

Gravitational waves were predicted already 100 years ago in the General Relavity Theory. Even if they were debated for many decades, nobody has really doubted that they exist for as much as the last 50 years. Indirect evidence (loss of energy in double pulsar systems) has been available for the last 40 years. The seminar will be an attempt to answer the question why then the fact that gravitational waves have been finally detected by the LIGO detector is so momentous?

NCBJ bus leaves to Świerk at 10.15 am from entrance gate to the Hoża 69 premises in Warsaw.
Professor Lu­dwik Do­brzyń­ski

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