FRACTALS. From Euclides to Mandelbrot

Conversatory class
Speaker and affiliation: 
Professor Jacek Kudrewicz (Warsaw University of Technology, Professor Emeritus)
Thu, 2017-03-16 11:30
Room 207 in the Świerk Science & Technology Park building

Brief history of fractals will be presented. The first examples of fractals: the Cantor collection (1883), the Peano curve (1890), the Sierpiński rug  (1915). The two definitions of geometric object dimensions: the topologic approach and the Hausdorff approach. Mathematic definition of fractals. The Pierre Fatou and Gaston Julia works on iterations of analytic functions. The Mandelbrot collection (1980) and how the presented paintings have been created.

NCBJ bus leaves to Świerk at 10.25 am from entrance gate to the Hoża 69 premises in Warsaw.
Professor Ludwik Dobrzyński

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