The first direct detection of gravitational waves generated by two merging black holes

Conversatory class
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Professor Piotr Jaranowski (Białystok University Physics Faculty)
Thu, 2016-05-12 11:30
Room 207 in the Świerk Science & Technology Park

Gravitational waves generated by two black holes merging into a single more massive black hole were simultaneously detected on September 14, 2015 by two LIGO detectors operated in USA. That was the first direct detection of such waves, as well as the first direct confirmation of existence of black hole double systems. The discovery has started a new research field: astronomy of gravitational waves.

History of research on gravitational waves will be briefly outlined. Next the discovery itself, the LIGO detectors, and algorithms used to process experimental data will be discussed in more detail. Finally, contribution of the Polish POLGRAW team will also be presented.

NCBJ bus leaves to Świerk at 10.15 am from entrance gate to the Hoża 69 premises in Warsaw.
Professor Ludwik Dobrzyński

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