Radiation Protection Measurements Laboratory (LPD)

Contact Data

7 Andrzeja Sołtana str.
05-400 Otwock (Świerk)
   secretary office:
   dosimetrist on duty (7/24):
+48 22 27 31 032
+48 22 27 31 034
fax: +48 22 27 31 200
e-mail: lpd@ncbj.gov.pl
www: http://lpd.ncbj.gov.pl/

Division Head


  • Calibration of equipment  for gamma/neutron dosimetry and for alpha/beta surface contamination measurement.
  • Evaluation of internal radioactive contamination and equivalent/effective committed dose in humans using Whole Body Counter, Thyroid Activity Counter, and radiochemical analyses of urine.
  • Research on dosimetry of mixed radiation and application of radiation in medicine.
  • Environment monitoring/radiation protection in Świerk Research Centre and in National Radioactive Waste Depository in Różan (including analyses of environmental samples and regular dosimetric surveys), evaluation of their impact on the environment.
  • Research on radiation safety of nuclear/accelerator/radioisotope facilities.
  • Research/expert opinions on radiation protection for nuclear power industry and participation in works of national/foreign institutions involved in radiation protection.
  • Maintaining dosimetrists on duty (24/7) in Świerk.
  • Maintaining and developing standard fields of ionising radiation.
  • Maintaining database of exposition/contamination of individual NCBJ employees.
  • Accounting and supervision of traffic of radioactive sources/waste in Świerk.
  • Trainings in the fields of radiation protection.


Polish Accreditation Centre has accredited the Lab to:

according to the PN/EN ISO IEC 17025 standard.

Akredytacja laboratorium badawczego AB 567
Akredytacja laboratorium badawczego AP 070