Particle Acceleration Physics & Technology Division (TJ1)

Contat Data

05-400 Otwock, Świerk
phone +48 22 2731 538
fax +48 22 779 3481

Division Head

Sławomir Wronka Phd. Eng., Associate Prof.

Structure of the Division

  • Acceleration Theory & Computational Methods Lab
  • Accelerating Structures & Microwave Circuitry Lab
  • Testing Set-up Lab


  • R&D works on physics of accelerating charged particles and on technology of manufacturing accelerators
  • implementation of new solutions into production practice
  • participation in development of various accelerators for scientific research and for applications in medicine industry, agriculture, environment protection, nuclear power industry and other fields
  • popularizing knowledge on applications of accelerators in national economy (in cooperation with other accelerator physics/technology centres home and abroad).