Our offer includes:

  • Modification of materials with:
    • plasma beams
    • particle accelerators
  • Environmental tests
  • Accelerator engineering calculations
  • Material calculations
  • Rendering services
  • Bus transport and bus/truck/car repairs/servicing
  • Training (see details on the Division of Education & Training Webpage)
    • methodology of and practical workshops in teaching topics related to nuclear physics/nuclear power/thermonuclear power (for high school science teachers)
    • radiation protection basics
    • accelerator operators (A-A training course)
    • radiation protection inspectors (IOR-1)
  • Calibrating dosimeters/gauges of beta/gamma/neutron radiation (PCA AP 070 accreditation)
  • Measuring internal contamination (whole-body, thyroid, activity of urine-excreted radioisotopes (PCA AB 567 accreditation)
  • Measuring environment pollution
  • Spectrometry of radiation emitted by solid/liquid substances
  • Field dosimetry (gamma exposition, alpha/beta surface contamination, mixed radiation fields (neutrons + gamma), other custom-tailored dosimetic surveys