Neutrino physics

Neutrinos are among the most mysterious elementary particles. Those exceptionally light and penetrating particles that are changing their properties during propagation (the neutrino oscillation phenomenon) are studied by physicists all over the world. Published in 2011 report that they can travel at a speed greater than light velocity has moved many persons even outside the physicists community (so far the report has not been confirmed).

NCBJ neutrino team participates in neutrino research conducted by the following international collaborations:

  • T2K (Tokai-to-Kamioka) experiment run in Japan to study oscillations of accelerator-produced neutrinos
  • ICARUS experiment run in Gran Sasso Lab in Italy on neutrino beams produced in CERN (novel liquid-argon-based neutrino detectors)

The team is also involved jn the NA61 experiment (results on hadron interactions from that latter experiment are used in T2K), and in the LAGUNA project to prepare future neutrino experiment in Europe.

NCBJ neutrino team member tightly co-operate with physicists from PAN Institute of Nuclear Physics in Cracow, Warsaw Technical University, Silesia University, Wrocław University and Warsaw University who jointly make up the Polish Neutrino Group.