Top 2% ranking


Stanford University, together with the publishing house Elsevier and SciTech Strategies, has created a ranking of 2% of the best scientists in the world. It contains 159,648 names, including 726 from Polish scientific institutions.

We are pleased to announce, that there are 7 professors employed at NCBJ in this group:

Andrzej Deloff

Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman

Andrzej Królak

Marek Moszyński

Stanisław Mrówczyński

Leszek Roszkowski

Grzegorz Wilk

The “Top 2%” ranking uses a complex methodology, including 6 basic indicators. The most important is the number of citations and the Hirsch index. Also, scientific activity in various fields within the research team is considered to be a major asset.

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