Success of women engaged in nuclear physics

MARIA - currently the sole research nuclear reactor in Poland

All this year university graduates could run in the Graduate of the Year contest. Monika Szołucha won the national phase of the contest. She competed with other 5 participants of the international finals from Brasil, France, The Netherlands, Russia, and Great Britain.

Last year Monika Szołucha performed neutron calculations at the MARIA reacor and during summer holdays she graduated at Warsaw University (UW) Physics Faculty. Her bachelor’s degree project was defended at the Nuclear Power and Chemistry chair. Dr Zuzanna Marcinkowska from NCBJ Research Reactor Technology Division (Departament of Nuclear Energy) and Dr Agnieszka Korgul from UW Physics Faculty Institute of Experimental Physics -- her tutors -- were other women involved in the success.

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MARIA reactor building
MARIA reactor