RadFarm Doctorate Studies Inauguration

Inauguracja studiów RadFarm - wystąpienie prof. Ewy Rondio (foto: Marcin Jakubowski / NCBJ)

On 4th October doctorate studies were inaugurated in Świerk under RadFarm project - Radiopharmaceuticals for molecularly targeted diagnostics and medical therapy. 17 listeners will be attending the lectures and led their own research in four cooperating scientific units. The course is co-funded by National Centre for Research and Development's POWER programme.

Opening the event Professor Renata Mikołajczak (NCBJ – POLATOM) noted the importance of the new course of study for the development of nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy. In her presentation, Professor Ewa Rondio, NCBJ Deputy Director for Science, expressed an expectation, that the students who are starting their courses will soon be able to supply the crew of the CERAD laboratory, currently in construction. The RadFarm course of study can prepare them for that task exceptionally well. New, modern laboratory, in possession of tool for production of radiopharmaceuticals, such as cyclotron and nuclear reactor, as well as a number of specialistic research labs assisted by computing potential of supercomputer centre in Świerk, will create an opportunity for their scientific development on world’s highest level.

During the second part of the ceremony students collected their Indexes and those, whose home didactic unit will be NCBJ, took a solemn oath.

The inauguration was ended with the first lecture delivered by Professor Leszek Królicki (Warsaw Medical University) titled „Dlaczego jesteśmy” (Why we are).

RadFarm studies were organized thanks to the award won by the applicants – consortium of NCBJ, Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Faculty of Chemistry University of Warsaw and Warsaw Medical University – in the POWER competition conducted by National Centre for Research and Development. In the description of these studies applicants wrote: „Modern nuclear medicine reaches more and more boldly towards new radiopharmaceuticals, aimed at diagnostics and cancer therapy, as well as therapies of other diseases common in the society. Combination of radioisotope techniques with molecular markers of medical contition allows for earlier detection of diseases and implementing correct therapeutic procedures, including modern receptor radiopharmaceuticals. Development of this innovative field of research in a necessity in Poland.”

Inauguration of RadFarm studies (photo: Marcin Jakubowski / NCBJ)
Inauguration of RadFarm studies - presentation by Professor Ewa Rondio (photo: Marcin Jakubowski / NCBJ)
Inauguration of RadFarm studies - presentation by Professor Renata Mikołajczak (foto: Marcin Jakubowski / NCBJ)
Inauguration of RadFarm studies - presentation by Professor Leszek Królicki (foto: Marcin Jakubowski / NCBJ)