NCBJ at 20th Science Festival in Warsaw

Festiwal Nauki 2016

Our exhibits, lectures and physical experiments to be presented during this year event include:

  • various shields for various types of ionizing radiation (a, b, g)
  • cosmic ray detector (“muon panel”)
  • Wilson chamber capable to reveal tracks of nuclear particles
  • model of a radionuclide generator capable to produce nuclides used in nuclear medicine diagnostics/therapy and/or for radioactive labelling applications
  • radioactive iodine capsules used to treat thyroid cancer and shields used to ship the isotope
  • nuclear reactor simulator
  • several toys demonstrating basics of physics in funny ways (an ascending double-cone, a rubber hemisphere throwing out some balls, a tippe top, a magnetic sphere inside a copper pipe, a hourglass with a magnet and iron filings, a plasma ball, a gyroscope, an Euler disc, a solar windmill, a candle lit with a remote control, a Newton pendulum, some soap shapes, a chaotic pendulum, a Crookes radiometer)
  • ionising radiation around us demonstrated with the help of a Geiger-Müller counter in salt, granite, welding electrodes, clocks, shoes of the visitors
  • map of natural radiation background in Poland and in the Masovia voivodeship
  • lecture on advanced techniques in medical imaging (PET, gamma camera, scintigraph)
  • lecture on state-of-the-art cancer treatment methods//equipment (electron/proton/carbon ion accelerators, steretactic/intra-operative/selective internal radiotherapy).
Science Festival 2016