Excavation for foundations of CERAD laboratory is waiting for the first concrete

Wykop pod fundamenty CERAD (foto: Marek Pawłowski / NCBJ)

Work for preparing the construction site of Centre for Design and Synthesis of Molecularly Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals „CERAD” has been done. Ground work has been performed, including replacing the soil, on which the building is to be constructed. The containers are already waiting for the workers, who will soon carry out the next phase of the construction. The whole investment is to be completed in 2021.

The most important piece of equipment in the new laboratory will be a cyclotron which will accelerate protons and alpha particles to energy up to 30 MeV and deuterons to energy up to 15 MeV. Thanks to this device, production of radionuclides, which were so far unobtainable in NCBJ and were not available in Poland, will be possible. This will open doors in Świerk to research on new radiopharmaceuticals, especially ones which will specially designed to suit the need of individual patients. Research will mainly be conducted by scientists from universities and institutes co-creating this project. The planned production and research lines in CERAD laboratory will allow scientific research, production of new radiopharmaceuticals for sub-clinical and clinical research, as well as to share the produced radionuclides to other subjects.

Excavation for foundations of CERAD laboratory (foto: Marek Pawłowski / NCBJ)