Construction of the modern CERAD research complex is progressing rapidly.

Over 2,500 m2 of research and infrastructure space, worth nearly PLN 117 million, is being built in the nuclear center in Świerk. The investment is carried out as part of a project co-financed by the European Union called Centrum Projektowania i Synetezy Radiofarmaceutyków Ukierunkowanych Molekularnie – CERAD (Design and synthesis of molecularly targeted radiopharmaceuticals – Centrum CERAD).

The outline of the second of the three planned floors with a cubature of 11 850 m3 and a weight of 12 m, which is part of the investment, is already visible. A comprehensive research facility for the project will also be built on-site, along with internal installations and laboratories. According to the contractor of the investment – the company CP OK2 from Krakow – the nearby road infrastructure, maneuvering square and parking lots will also be built nearby.

The newly constructed buildings will be equipped with top-class research and production devices, but the most important of them will be a cyclotron – a particle accelerator to the energy of 30 MeV for protons and alpha particles, and 15 MeV for deuterons.

The construction of such an accelerator will enable the production of new radioactive isotopes, such as 89Zr or 211At, and thus the production of innovative radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostics and therapy, based on biologically active ligands operating at the cellular and molecular level.

POLATOM products have been used in hospitals around the world for many years. The expansion of activities will increase the range of medical products for nuclear medicine and will accelerate the development of research into new, innovative radiopharmaceuticals.

The infrastructure of the new Centre will also include existing facilities, incl. the MARIA nuclear reactor, the Świerk Computer Centre, and the Laboratory of Preclinical Research, which together with the newly established laboratories, will constitute a unique infrastructure on the map of Poland.
The new research center emerging in NCBJ will be built following special standards ensuring safe operations with radioactive materials and medicinal products, as well as with innovative clinical research products.

The infrastructure will be used for the scientific and economic purposes of the CERAD consortium. Research services provided with its use will be offered on a large scale and a commercial basis to third parties, including entrepreneurs.
The construction is planned to be completed on September 30, 2022.