About the CERAD project at the NOMATEN Conference

During the three-day working conference NOMATEN Scientific Workshop (Świerk, 15-17.05.2018), a parallel session was organized for young radiopharmaceutical researchers as well a plenary session on radiopharmaceuticals, which ended with a round table discussion. Over 10 presentations were delivered, including three plenary talks.

Young scientists from institutions co-organizing the CERAD center and invited guests from institutions engaged in the NOMATEN project presented their results. The speakers presented works, which to a large extent referred to new radiopharmaceuticals research program, which is the main purpose of the CERAD. Launching the center will allow their development or continuation.

The NOMATEN Center of Excellence project, under which the conference was organized, is co-financed by the EU and the Polish Science Foundation. It assumes close cooperation with the CERAD center. The NOMATEN research agenda foresees, among other activities, research and design of new materials for medicine. While the purpose of the Center of Excellence is creation of intellectual potential for conducting this research, CERAD would provide necessary equipment and laboratories. Both projects are therefore complementary and dependent on each other when researching new materials in broadly understood health care, particularly in radiopharmacology.