2020 PolFEL workshop - 21.01.2020

Free elec­tron lasers, of which seve­ral dozen have been cre­ated in the world, allow to study mate­rials,

che­mi­cal mole­cu­les, bio­lo­gi­cal mole­cu­les and the dyna­mics of the pro­ces­ses in which they par­ti­ci­pate.

The pre­ci­sion of such tests is not ava­ila­ble by other methods. The Polish free elec­tron laser PolFEL

is cur­ren­tly being built at NCBJ in Świerk. In about three years it will be made ava­ila­ble to scien­ti­sts,

inc­lu­ding bio­lo­gi­sts and bio­phy­si­ci­sts from various rese­arch insti­tu­tions in Poland and Europe.