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Archiwum BP4

Multi Wavelength Dissection of a Dying Ultra-Massive Ultra-Dusty Galaxy at z ≈ 2

Unveiling the Universe's origins with the CMB polarization

Beyond broad lines - understanding spectra of quasars

The demonstrator of Cosmic Ray Detector (MCORD) for the MPD detector

Dust attenuation at high-redshift galaxies

Chemical compositions as indicators of evolution in binary systems. Results from studies of symbiotic giants

Open charm measurement with a new silicon vertex detector for the NA61/SHINE experiment at the CERN SPS

Recent three discoveries from NTHU/Taiwan cosmology group

Towards LSST Science: improving variability parameters for SDSS Stripe 82 Quasars with Pan-STARRS1

Using Deep learning to predict the properties of Galaxy major mergers using EAGLE simulations