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EuroHPC PL - National Supercomputing Infrastructure for EuroHPC

The main aim of the EuroHPC PL project is the deployment of the specialized computing infrastructure. The platform will provide access to hybrid resources such as supercomputers, quantum and neuromorphic accelerators, and dedicated services. The EuroHPC project includes studies of the innovations and solutions to adapt scientific problems and the scientific-oriented software to exascale supercomputers and modern computing architectures. ----

The PRISMAP project

Logo projektu PRISMAP
  PRISMAP -  The Euro­pean medi­cal iso­tope pro­gramme: Pro­duc­tion of high purity iso­to­pes by mass sepa­ra­tion. ----


The Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network (BSUIN) project is funded by Interreg Baltic Sea funding cooperation. Project duration is 36 months from October 2017 until September 2020. The total budget is 3.4 M€. ----